Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordart 13 - Mother

Wordart 12 Mother

Yay, my first new wordart. With Mother's Day soon to be on us, I thought this would be appropriate for someone who has lost their's. Hugs, Jan

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wordart 11 - Christmas

This is the last one of my old wordart. Now I can start making new stuff Whoo Hoo! If anyone finds any non working links please let me know. Hugs, Jan

Wordart 10 - Winter

Wordart 9 - Halloween

Wordart 8 - Halloween

Wordart 7 - Halloween

Wordart 6 - Halloween

Wordart 5 - Sympathy

Will add more of my older wordart a bit later. Right now it is time for my soap and then work after that. Hugs, Jan

Wordart 4 - Chocolate

Wordart 3 - Inspirational

Wordart 2 Chocolate

Another one of my older wordart. Hugs, Jan

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wordart 1 - Chocolate

I thought I would at least add one of my old wordart so it doesn't look so bare around here and then I'm going to watch a bit of tv and go get some zzzzz's. I didn't realize until I started changing the file names on my old wordart that the letters were www, lol. Have a great day or night everyone! Hugs, Jan

Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome Everyone!

Hi, it's great you stopped by for a visit. I hope you enjoy your time looking around my blog and find something you like as well. I haven't got much here yet, in fact nothing, lol, but in due time I hope to have some wordart to share with you all and that you come back often. Hugs, Jan

My TOU - Please Read


I don't have much in the way of terms of use but I would really appreciate it if you would leave me a comment either at 4shared, in a comment post or in my shoutbox (as long as it's good of course, lol). I would like to know if I am doing something worthwhile and it is being used. I wouldn't know otherwise. That would mean more to me than anything. Also, please do not change the file name and if you wish to share please send your friends to my blog to download the wordart for themselves.

I would also appreciate it if you tut writers, who use my wordart in your tutorials,could add my blog link to your instructions. I would also love to see what you make with it. Although it is not mandatory. Just leave me a message in my shoutbox if you like.

My wordart will be sized for taggers.
All my wordart is free to use for personal use only. Please let me know if you would like to use it commercially.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you downloaded my Wordart 1 to 11 from my blog, Jan's Island Treasures,  please replace with the same ones I have on this blog. I have changed the file names. I will be deleting the wordart from JIT. Sorry if it is an inconvenience.

Thank you so much for reading my terms and I hope it wasn't too painful for you and mostly have fun!
Hugs, Jan